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 changed, the market may further deepen hotspots may spread to adjust to the new fund is expected to create a good opportunity Jiancang.Lun Fang-yu, featuring the first two equity funds Hua Tai Borui active fund preferred stock being issued. Public information, Hua Tai Borui active preferably Chinese Tai Bairui actively growing strain, follow both value and growth investment philosophy, concerned about corporate nike air huarache mens

endogenous growth potential, is the layout of the second quarter, the stock market investors another weapon. (Wang Xin)Sina statement: This was announced in the media reproduced from Sina, Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors operate your own risk. "Internet" has now become the outlet, but in the interests of Eastern Investment Fund Vice President East selection, Eastern and Oriental emerging small-cap growth fund managers call flutter opinion, the Internet is not new investment theme, find the "Internet" The main and secondary contradictions behind grasp the fundamental value of the investment. He believes that behind the "Internet" is technology and people.Call flutter that China's economy is driven by

 economies of scale from investment into high growth and technological progress, increased demand brought about by improving economic quality. Today, an increase economies of scale narrowed profit growth was in ascension. Coming around technological innovation and human needs will show significant investment opportunities, such as medical, pension, environment, communications, cultural and other fields.He said that, "technology" is concerned, which is to promote the Internet's fundamental, front-end big data and cloud computing is the Internet, is behind the progress of science and technology and upgrades. The emergence nike air max thea australiaof the Internet to shorten the replacement cycle, science and technology to accelerate the development of the Internet. Around the "man" of the main contradiction is demand, people's living standards continue to improve into the field more and more rigid requirements, such as medical demand after demand for genetic testing, quality of life, such as improved demand for travel via the Internet to quickly meet how these needs is the "."Sina statement: This was announced in the media reproduced from Sina

Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors operate your own risk.In addition, the central bank during the "two sessions", the Commission [microblogging] and other leaders were positive stance on the stock market, the Commission March 20 news conference, said "The recent market rally is a comprehensive reflection of many factors, its inevitability and rationality nike air max 2013 cheapFuture stable and healthy development of the stock market, for enhancing confidence in the economy development, expand direct financing scale, speed up economic restructuring and upgrading of great significance. "Management's positive attitude to help enhance market risk appetite.Li incremental value growth trend interdependent, taking into account the pre-growth stocks are more eye-catching, expected short-term value stocks slightly dominant.Specific to market investment opportunities, CCB Fund, said reform activate this bull market valuation of elasticity is the

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 the rise of the pharmaceutical sector in 2015, it is the combination of the traditional health sector and the Internet. In the short term, is difficult to determine how the Internet can bring profit contribution, but it brings a new format and model, from this point of view, this will certainly be a subversion of the future development of space.Medicine will beUnder an "air" it Wei Yun believes that with China's urbanization and accelerated aging, including medical services, pharmaceuticals, medical devices and other health care    nike air max 2014 mens throughout the pharmaceutical industry will be a long-term benefit. Medical equipment, medical services due to a late start, grow more prominent, so much attention to the capital market. With the wisdom of the medical, pharmaceutical and electricity suppliers, the introduction of the concept of precise treatment, the pharmaceutical sector investment target is constantly changing. Traditionally, the pharmaceutical industry investment targets, focusing on chemicals, medicine and other sub-sectors, but poor performance.Shanghai Securities maintain the pharmaceutical sector

 in 2015 "overweight" rating, the main reasons are: 1) the state will continue to increase investment in medical and health sector, the pharmaceutical industry growth remained optimistic; 2) reform of public hospitals, to encourage private hospitals development, Cancel to medicine medicine, the introduction of market-oriented price mechanism and other policies, coupled with limited use of antimicrobial drugs, drug tender, reebok gl 6000 sale Medicare fees controlling factors conducive to long-term healthy development of the entire pharmaceutical system; 3) the pharmaceutical industry mergers and acquisitions surging, medicine With the capital strength of listed companies is expected to win; 4) new technologies, the emergence of new formats, the growth of the pharmaceutical industry will inject new impetus; 5) Despite the recent tender price is still dominated, but the tender, a clear market-oriented reform drug prices policies for the better.As medicine will be the next outlet, Wei Yun believes that "the Internet", SOE reform, is a big outlet, the outlet is the wisdom of medical and pharmaceutical technology (precise medical).(Huang Jianbo

 finishing)Sina statement: This was announced in the media reproduced from Sina, Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean agree with their views or confirm the description. Article content is for reference only and does not constitute investment advice. Accordingly, investors operate your own risk. 2014 Galaxy Securities partial shares mixed first one, 65.34% annual returns, three-year five-star funds (Source: Galaxy Securities, as of December 31, 2014)  These are the Hua Tai Bairui positive growth mixed fund managers Lun Fang-yu, in just the last in 2014 to surrender the respondents.For investments, Lun Fang Yu said: "From the medium to long term, value investing is the most effective way to buy low and always more reassuring than the chase." nike flyknit max australia On portfolio operations, Lun Fang Yu's style is not blindly chasing the high. He believes that before selecting a subject, the need for the company as a whole to make a judgment, management's ability to execute, industry outlook, policy developments, etc. must be carefully investigated.For the market outlook, Lun Fang Yu believes that a quarter of the stock market has had a good performance, despite the rapid rise in the market after a short time facing adjustment pressures, but overall market optimism has not

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 layout provides the opportunity to adjust positions convertible. Yesterday, the stock of large earthquakes, the probability of the main funding whipsaw great violence. For investors, the layout of state-owned assets may continue to bargain reform themes, themes mergers and acquisitions, performance-than-expected stocks.Sina Financial News March 24 news, A-share market in "Nine Yang", the 24th staged a "roller coaster"  nike air max 95 cheap    type Earthquake market, stock index opened higher exploration 3715.87 points another nearly seven-year high intraday high, after high dive, eventually closing shock meteoric rise. Turnover between the two cities over 1.4 trillion highs.CCB fund [microblogging] said that incremental funding continues to admission, trading activity unprecedented fiery, directly contributed to the main stock index hit a new high. Incremental capital market stems from three major driving forces: the starting point is the interest rate down, the catalyst is to accelerate reform, fencing is maintaining stability. Categories of asset allocation into the stock market will not easily end, Chinese household wealth allocation accounting for only 3% of the current stock market, far below the US 29%. Recent market highs because of these three elements is strengthening: First, the stock of Treasury

trillion debt exchange rates help center down, the central bank on the 17th [microblogging] reverse repo tender rate downstream 10bp, the downward trend in interest rates more explicitly . Second, Shanghai, Anhui, SOE reform is accelerating the speed of the reform process description. Third, the United Kingdom and other European countries added an investment bank, today announced the application,   nike air max 90 australia  while maintaining stability of continuous transformation of the way forward. This round of funding raging bull market, since the end of the A-share company's share price rose 50 percent is not new, but the pharmaceutical industry average rose Underperform. Shanghai Securities analyst Wei Yun pharmaceutical industry recently guest Securities Times Online Community (, on the investment strategy of the pharmaceutical sector in the second quarter in-depth interpretation.The current A-share biopharmaceuticalPlate valuation high For the

 valuation investors are concerned, Wei Yun pointed out that since March, driven by medical services and equipment, pharmaceutical index began to rebound. As of March 17, the absolute valuation of 45.82 times the pharmaceutical sector, premium rate of 260.50%. Molecular industries, the absolute valuation of medical services and medical devices has increased to more than 70 times. Absolute return to historically high valuation, the valuation premium rate rebounded significantly.Internet medical conceptWhat are the future nike air max 2015 womens  prospects Recently, the "Internet" concept is very popular, according to Wind data from the first trading day of the year to the Monday deadline, pharmaceutical biotechnology sector rose 30%, while the CSI 300 (3955.729, -17.32, -0.44%) rose 9.08%. In the last month data, the pharmaceutical and biotech sector rose 15.62%, Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index rose 14.18%. Two periods, pharmaceutical biotechnology sector outperformed the Shanghai and Shenzhen 300 Index.Wei Yun believes that the pharmaceutical sector from defense into attack, the key point of this transformation is that Internet health. Leading

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